Finale: “Why I attend the Scarlet Celebration

Tonight’s the night – join fellow EHS alumni for the 140th Annual All Alumni Scarlet Celebration!

Tickets may be purchased at the venue – $20.

We’ve been attending the East High Alumni Foundation Banquet/Celebration since the mid 1980’s.  There have certainly been a lot of changes since then.  My husband and I both graduated East High in the 1960’s and we weren’t sure we would ever get to sit in the big gym for dinner!  We’ve come a long way from the sack lunches and hard bleachers!  We are thankful for the new venue with air conditioning, a superior sound system, comfortable seating, and great food.  Our thanks to those who make this possible.

We look forward to the Alumni Banquet each year because it gives us time to reconnect with our classmates, neighbors, and friends who also attended East High School.  The thread that connects us all runs scarlet and black.  We have time to reminisce and look back at the great times we had during our years at East High.  We both have lifelong friends that we met at East (including each other!).

We are inspired as we read and listen to those who are inducted into the Hall of Fame.  These are people who have dedicated themselves and their resources to helping others or serving the needs of their communities.  Their lives serve as a testament of their commitment to service.

And we don’t just look back, we are looking to the future as well as we read about the goals and dreams of the students who are recipients of the scholarship fund.  These young people are our future.  They are the Hall of Famers in thirty or forty years.  We are pleased that we can contribute to their success by contributing each year to the Foundation.

And finally, we are motivated each year to find ways that we can also serve others.  Whether it is in our schools, our churches, our neighborhoods, or in our communities, we can make a difference at any age. ~Dorothy Kain Thurman, Class of 1967 and Lonnie Thurman, Class of 1965

I have participated, attended, or volunteered in some form at the Annual Alumni Celebration since I was a freshman at East. I remember being dressed in my cheerleading uniform, serving boxed lunches to the alumni, and hearing stories from years past. I saw first-hand the joy and pride these alumni had for the school they loved.

A pivotal moment for me at the Alumni Celebration was during my senior year. I received the “Service of Humanity Award”. Some of the same faces that I had served boxed lunches to, and reminisced with, were now honoring me. I did nothing special. I simply followed the path they paved, and lived the motto we all do as students of East High, ‘ To Serve Humanity’.

The pride and emotion that overcame me that day will stick with me forever.

At that moment, I realized I was a part of something bigger. I knew it was my responsibility to carry on the traditions and continue to pave the way for others to come, just like those before me. ~Stacey Zelenovich Thompson, Class of 1999



140th EHS Annual All Alumni Celebration
Friday, May 12, 2017
6:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. (program at 7 p.m.)
Community Choice Convention Center, Des Moines, Iowa
Event cost: $15 in advance/$20 at the door.  (includes food and beverage)

Tickets may be purchased online at

Transportation is available to the event, contact Kathy Kahler at or 515.727.6182.

For more information about the event visit:

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